He's a street artist from Australia. Simple.
Well, kind of simple...

"I started out painting my school books when I was a kid. Like, every single school book and folder was just covered in sketches and drawings. So I guess I never really stopped drawing and painting, I just kept on changing what I was painting on. Almost everything I owned had some sketches or doodles on it and I thought that was awesome.

I began painting on things like walls, and skateboards, and surfboards, and vodka bottles, and eventually brands like McDonalds and Mercedes and Red Bull started to pay attention. So then I got asked to paint sports cars and make sculptures and I even sold one of my works to Dan Aykroyd!

For me it's about making things my own. Either creating something from nothing or taking something and turning it into a unique thing. Something no one else has.
And now I'm doing my own line of denim jackets which is awesome because I can make each one different. I know there are other people out there like me."

- Handbrake the Artist

Handbrake Design


Because we value things that are unique. Maybe you do too.
We love people who are bold enough to wear their style out loud - those who aren't ashamed to own their own life. Be colourful.
Our designs aren't printed in a huge factory. They're painted, each one by hand, and each one slightly different.
We'll only ever make 25 of each design and use genuine graffiti paints that we'd use on any wall mural. It's time to wear some art.

Handbrake Design


Handbrake x Rose streetwear is about joining with those like minded people who wear their style out loud. Those who know what they love and aren't ashamed to advertise it to the world.
We're like that.
Producing thousands of the same thing over and over again is over. Now it's all about that special and unique piece that is yours and yours only.
Come join us! It's more fun over here.

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